Cohesive Strategy Group

Strategy - Built for the long run.

Everything we do is strategic. The people we hire, the products and services we offer, the markets we choose, and the customers we attract. A cohesive strategy is one that includes all the variables and is focused on achieving the organizational goals.

Your long-term strategic plan

We leverage your ingredients to make a sustainable long-term strategy.

We start with the goals defined by leadership and establish core strategies needed to accomplish them. What are the ingredients you need to include to create a recipe for success? Do you focus on the customer, products and services, finances, people, partners, innovations, or sales and marketing? Do you have all the competences needed? Do you have capacity to accommodate growth when orders start to pour in? We help you to think through all the variables to consider and how they impact the goals.

A good strategic plan outlines core strategies that house sub-strategies and tactics. The plan includes deliberate strategies that emphasize achieving an intended business objective, as well as emergent strategies that are introduced opportunities not thought of when creating the plan. This combination allows organizations to set long-term plans without having to go through the process each year.

People reviewing charts and graphs.

We create a recipe with actionable steps for you to implement.

Each strategy bucket will be accompanied by the tactics used to execute the strategy. These are core activities required to successfully implement the strategy, which have a direct link to the goals. For each employee in the company, they can define their efforts with a simple question, "Is what I am doing getting us closer or farther away from our goals?"

What are the resources needed to execute the strategies? Do you need more people, new product features, a marketing strategy, funding? We work with you to identify the resource gaps and create a budget for approval. Strategic plans often fail because of vagueness, incompleteness, poor budgeting, or poor communication throughout the organization.

Working together, we will create the entire strategy from top to bottom, while mapping out the implementation plan. With the full plan defined, it's time to get to work.

Strategy must include the why, what, and how.

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