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Aligning Leadership, Culture and Strategy Podcast

Our process is inspired by the experience of founding partner Peter Neely. Throughout his career, Peter has led (and learned from) his experience of owning and running companies and uncovered a holistic approach where organizational functions work in unison, creating an environment where people can reach their true potential.

Peter has led companies through the startup, growth, and stability phases. Their success taught Peter the formula for organizational design and the power of culture when crafting strategy. And - since you can't trailblaze without a few failures along the way - the accumulated scar tissue has built Peter's knowledge bank to bring to new situations.

Peter gained his perspective on cross-functional leadership while completing a Master of Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business and earning his International Masters in Practicing Management, designed and led by world-renowned management thinker Henry Mintzberg. This gave Peter an upfront study into businesses in the UK, China, India, and Brazil and apply them to a Canadian context.

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