Cohesive Strategy Group

Aligning leadership, culture, and strategy.

Cohesive Strategy Group is a new approach to management consulting and a refreshing perspective on organizations. Our expertise is at the intersection of Leadership, Culture, and Strategy. The three areas are entangled and interplay with each other. Make a change in one and the others react. Align all three and your organization will thrive.

We're the long game.

We don't believe in sitting in a few C-Suite meetings and then writing a report. We are the long game. We work to identify the strengths of your organization and the obstacles holding you back from your true potential. There are no short cuts or silver bullets. Organizations must set the direction, align culture, and create strategies that leverage resources and competencies to achieve the set goals. Rush it and you will merely go through the motions. Dedicate the time and effort, and together, we will build a sustainable growth plan for success.

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Our process works through the main elements of aligning leadership, culture, and strategy to identify themes, traits, and contradictions, which are holding the organization back from achieving its' potential. We work with you and your team to understand the interplay of all three areas and create an overarching plan that allows all three to dovetail and work in harmony.

There must be
a clear vision.

We start with leadership.

Understanding the vision and direction of leadership along with management preferences will outline the goals to be achieved. We then work to gather critical insights into markets, products and services, and the core competencies of the firm. Having a clear picture of the direction, initiates numerous activities needed to align efforts and create a roadmap.

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Then move on to culture.

The famous saying "culture eats strategy for breakfast" underscores the value of the current cultural perspectives and how they interface with strategy. Get culture right, and you can leverage it to excel. Get it wrong and your strategy will have limited success. Our cultural assessment identifies the artifacts, espoused values, underlying assumptions, and the tensions and anxieties, to provide a clear state of the organizational culture.

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It's about
Built for
the long run.

And back everything up with strategy.

Creating a strategic plan for sustained growth requires focused goals, strategies, tactics, and aligned resources. In the creation of the strategic framework, we work together to identify resource gaps and create a budget to execute the entire plan for approval. Working with your key individuals, we create an implementation and communication strategy to ensure traction and long-term support.

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Cohesive companies run better.

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